APNIC triggers final IPv4 address block distributions

APNIC announces:

APNIC received the following IPv4 address blocks from IANA in February 2011 and will be making allocations from these ranges in the near future: 39/8 106/8

Please be aware, this will be the final allocation made by IANA under the current framework and will trigger the final distribution of five /8 blocks, one to each RIR under the agreed “Global policy for the allocation of the remaining IPv4 address space“.

After these final allocations, each RIR will continue to make allocations according to their own established policies.

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  1. And Comcast seems to be the first retail ISP to offer IPv4/IPv6 to end users (allocating an IPv6 /64 to each user) http://blog.comcast.com/2011/01/comcast-activates-first-users-with-ipv6-native-dual-stack-over-docsis.html

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