Raw, rare, or well-done?

I haven’t posted a blog entry here in four months. Here is my revised blogging strategy:

  • Raw:
    My personal link-blogging has shifted to
    my Furl archive
    which continues to be my frequently-updated repository of interesting links, annotated with clips, tags, and brief remarks.
    Though I dislike Furl’s default rendering into both HTML and RSS (del.icio.us is much more pleasant), its archiving feature is indispensable to me, and the Furl folks have listened to some of my suggestions, so I see hope for improvement.

  • Rare, and well-done:
    Stay tuned, I am still planning to post occasional articles to this site. I am saving up links to content that is overlooked and deserves more attention. In other cases I’m chewing on my own thoughts and will have something original to say.

I’ve noticed that quite a few sites that I read have followed a similar trend, toward less frequent but meatier posting. There are only two high-volume bloggers that I read, plus I follow the Furl / del.icio.us / DashLog blogs of two esteemed colleagues. Everyone else gets my attention only with low quantity and high quality.

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