The right way to create pop-up windows

Aaron Boodman:

Forget everything you know about creating pop-up windows. Most importantly, forget you ever knew that the javascript pseudo-protocol ever existed . Do you hear me??

Never, ever, ever use the javascript: pseudo-protocol for anything, ever ever ever ever again. Please. Pretty please. The next time I click on a hyperlink, only to have it cause an error in my browser, I am going to hunt down the author and pound them into holy oblivion.

and the correct code is as follows:

onclick=", 'popupwindow',
return false;"
Click me any way you desire, now or later, bookmarked or not.
I will not attempt to control you, nor punish you, for I am a
simple hyperlink; eager to do your bidding, while remaining ever
helpful. I anticipating desires, but never trample possibilities.
This is the way of the Link.

See also the comments
for subtleties, such as pop-up forms.

[Via Jim O’Halloran]

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