What NIST thinks of ISO 17799

International Standard ISO/IEC 17799:2000 Code of Practice for Information Security Management Frequently Asked Questions (November 2002):

ISO/IEC 17799: 2000 is a management standard, and deals with an examination of the non-technical issues relating to installed IT systems. These issues have to do with such matters as personnel, procedural, and physical security, and security management in general.

The Common Criteria standard is a technical standard. It is intended to support the specification and technical evaluation of IT security features in products. Normally, the products are evaluated as part of the development/production cycle. The Common Criteria standard also has a major usage as a structure, syntax and catalog of information technology specifications that can be used to describe user technical requirements for security in products.

The current US position is strongly in favor of the major revision of the [17799] document, which is currently underway. While there was no official US government position expressed, US TAG members from both the Commerce Department (via NIST) and Department of Defense (via the Defense Information Systems Agency) supported the US position.

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