Microsoft NGSCB tabled

Microsoft Shelves NGSCB Project As NX Moves To Center Stage

A lot of decisions have yet to be made,” said Mario Juarez, product manager in Microsoft’s Security and Technology Business Unit. “We’re going to come out later this year with a complete story.”

followed by hedging:
Microsoft: ‘Palladium’ Is Still Alive and Kicking

Juarez said Microsoft is not providing any of its NGSCB bits as part of the new Longhorn pre-alpha release that it is distributing this week to WinHEC attendees. But he denied that this means that the company is exorcising NGSCB from the product. Instead, he said that the NGSCB team decided that the driver developers at the show wouldn’t be the right targets for this code.

Update 2004/05/19: Real details from Microsoft pointed to by Dana Epp

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