Orkut[1]: In with the in crowd

Now I have received my first Orkut invitation.
Interestingly, it came from an actual friend — probably a good sign for Orkut, as the quality of their system depends on the utility of actual relationships, not random diffuse connections.

It’s good timing for Orkut.
Our distance from the Six Degrees era, and the current spontaneous blossoming of intellectual/social relationships as seen among intertwined weblogs, make it seem fresh, and not just another selling-eyeballs.com.

Yet-another fatigue is now a barrier to entry for Orkut competitors.

Will I go out and spam all my colleagues and friends with Orkut invitations?
No, it seems a little too close to a MLM pitch.
I think I’ll just pick on a few who I know are in the right frame of mind.

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