Comparison of open-source version control systems

Shlomi Fish (ONLamp): The New Breed of Version Control Systems compares
GNU Arch,
and the non-open-source BitKeeper. The conclusion:

You probably should not use CVS, as there are several better alternatives,
unless you cannot get hosting for something else. (Note that GNU Savannah provides hosting for Arch, and there is documentation for using it with SourceForge). You should also not use
the free version of BitKeeper because of its restrictions.

Other systems are nicer than CVS and provide a better working experience.
When I work in CVS, I always take a long time to think where to place a file or
how to name it, because I know I cannot rename it later, without breaking
history. This is no problem in other version control systems that support
moving or renaming. One project in which I was involved decided to rename
their directories and split the entire project history.

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