RIT’s new master’s degree program in computing security and information assurance

RIT launches computer security program:

In response to this emerging technological area, the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences is preparing a new master’s degree program in computing security and information assurance. The program will consist of a half dozen core courses dealing with technical, business, ethical and administrative aspects of security. Additionally, areas such as risk management and the cost of security will be analyzed.

While similar programs in computer security already exist at a handful of universities, the GCCIS program will differ by focusing on the complete spectrum of computing.

“Our program is unique in that it will be offered at the college level and utilize faculty from the computer science, software engineering and information technology departments,” explains Jorge Díaz-Herrera, GCCIS dean. “The cross-disciplinary nature of the program will qualify graduates for a wide range of computer security related careers in both the private and public sectors.”

To better hone the curriculum, three members of the GCCIS faculty recently took part in a month-long training session. Hans-Peter Bischof, associate professor of computer science; Stephanie Ludi, assistant professor of software engineering; and Luther Troell, associate professor of information technology, traveled to Carnegie Mellon University to present the college’s plan to a diverse group of experts. The resulting exchange of ideas offered some useful feedback.

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