Banking Scam Revealed

SecurityFocus: Banking Scam Revealed:

A single spam gang, using a unique bulk-mailing tool, appears responsible for the recent rash of financial fraud emails. This gang has targeted over a dozen financial sources, had dabbled in malware, and has struck over 20 times, showing what appears to be a serial pattern.
Attempts to report these findings to Citibank were unsuccessful, and Citibank was unavailable for comment. Citibank has publicly stated that they do not know who has been victimized by the Citibank scams, nor do they know how many victims [ref 10]. In truth, their web logs very likely indicate exactly who fell victim to the 16-Aug-2003 fraudulent Citibank scheme. In addition, Citibank may not be able to identify “who” fell victim on 25-Sep-2003 and 25-Oct-2003 to the second and third revisions of the fraud scheme, but Citibank can identify “how many” victims are likely. This is because the fraudulent web sites used HTML links that directly referenced the financial institution’s web site.

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