The Relationship Between Network Security and Spam

Carl Hutzler and Ron da Silva, AOL Time Warner, at NANOG:
The Relationship Between Network Security and Spam:

  • Large ISPs like AOL have deployed sophisticated blocking, rate
    limiting, and filtering technologies which are forcing spammers
    to find new methods.

  • In order to blend in, spammers like finding IP space and/or
    accounts on major ISPs. We are forcing them to the ISPs

  • Spammers are likely paying hackers to provide IP space for
    them to utilize with the goal being to spread out the volume
    across many IPs to blend in.

    • Many of the techniques hackers use are more and more criminal
      and disruptive in nature

Network and Application Security are more important than ever.

The presentation’s last slide includes instructions on how owners of networks can register to receive realtime AOL spam complaints (the Complaint Feedback Loop).

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