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Chrome 89 “Tab Search”

Google Chrome 89’s “Tab Search” feature makes Chrome 100% better for me. No more lost buried tabs. It is so good. Simple and fast to use. Previous tries with tab manager extensions were too cumbersome and didn’t help with the one thing they needed to get right, quickly finding the one tab you’re looking for.

Coin: I’m in (pre-order)

Like a few others, I’m pre-ordering a Coin. I could use a thinner waller ith fewer cards in it. It’s a product that solves a real problem, and the half-off pre-order price is right.

A joy to be held

By day, I manage a bunch of very talented software developers, and along the way I get to run our software on a wide variety of mobile devices. I like the creativity and innovation of our industry. I thought I’d offer a review of some current products and point out the things I find delightful. This isn’t intended to be a systematic comparison; I’m just highlighting the particular things I like.


  • Right now, the Motorola Moto X is the one current device that strikes me as downright pleasant every time I pick it up. The curve of the back and the rubbery texture make it feel really thin but easy to hold. It feels like a mini — my thumb reaches everywhere, just like the iPhone 5 commercial — but that’s a 4.7″ screen with tiny bezel. I find the voice recognition clever and I like the innovation expressed in the second processor always-on architecture that supports it. The camera double-twist gesture feels clever too.
  • It reminds me of the Kindle E-Ink devices, and even now, every time I pick up our old Kindle Keyboard, I still marvel at the lightness of the form and the pleasant experience. I know how out-of-date our old one is but, nonetheless, it’s the beginning of a beautiful series of devices. (The Kindle Fire tablet devices are OK, but the heavier weight, squarish edges, and hunting for buttons leaves them out of my “wow” category.)

Honorable Mentions

  • The LG G2 is another thin large (5.2″) narrow-bezel screen that still feels pocket size, not a purse-size phablet. The high-contrast skinning is pretty good and a little different. They took a risk with the buttons on back (I’d prefer them further from the camera).
  • Indeed, the Apple iphone 5/5s/5c is a well-balanced device, also in the mini class by today’s standards. Beautiful display. As a developer, I enjoy the lack of frangmentation due to single-vendor support of old devices and a forced march to update the operating system. Mature APIs especially in the audio area are a big help, especially for VoIP app developers.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a workhorse. There’s nothing to dislike. I like large screens, and a plastic back doesn’t bother me. I tend to favor simplifying my life with the Google Edition. I know that many people favor metal backs as evidence of “build quality”, but I don’t get it. (The HTC ONE is a fine device if that’s important to you.)