SDSU and UCSD security incidents

  • San Diego State University, February 2004:

    While investigating a computer server sending spam e-mail messages, the Information Technology Security Office at San Diego State University discovered computer intruders had circumvented departmental server security and gained illegal access to a file server in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

    We recognize that identity theft has become one of the fastest growing
    crimes in the nation and SDSU is making every effort to ensure that Social
    Security information is not unnecessarily exposed. In late March, the
    University will implement an alternative ID system using a new nine-digit ID
    number called
    "Red ID".

    [via [Interesting-People] Bad year for San Diego Universities so far]

  • University of California, San Diego, May 2004:

    The University of California, San Diego is notifying past and present students, applicants, and some staff and faculty that unauthorized intruders have broken into four computers in the UCSD Business & Financial Services Department, computers which housed approximately 380,000 records of personal data including names, social security numbers, and drivers license numbers.

    [via [Interesting-People] UCSD Computer Security Incident Alert]

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