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Growth predictions for RSS syndicated content

Phil Wolff: “a klog apart: The syndicated blogosphere will reach 300 million feeds in 3 years” covers the basic architectural scaling issues related to widespread adoption of RSS. Polling a single site can’t last forever. New protocols for publish, subscribe, multicast, flood will be invented. Old protocols (NNTP) may even revive.

CSS diatribe

Jamie Zawinsky posts an interesting diatribe entitled CSS is BS.

IBM alphaWorks Releases XML Forms Package

XML Cover Pages:IBM alphaWorks Releases XML Forms Package:

The XML development team at IBM alphaWorks labs has released an ‘XML Forms Package’ as one of several new technologies. The XML Forms Package is a toolkit consisting of software components designed to showcase the possibilities presented by W3C XForms. XForms is W3C’s next generation of web forms defined in a Candidate Recommendation specification. The IBM XML Forms Package “consists of two main components: the data model component and the client component. The data model component provides a set of Java APIs for creating, accessing, and modifying XForms data models. This package also includes a JSP tag library that provides a set of tags for use inside JSPs. The tag library interfaces with the XForms data model component APIs, thus providing JSP authors a means of accessing these APIs from within their JSPs. A detailed description of the data model APIs and the tag library, as well as their use, can be found in the documentation for the XML Forms data model. The client component includes two technologies: An XForms processor control and a Java XForms compiler. The XML Forms Package allows developers to deploy XForms applications without any client-side technologies, using the Java XForms compiler. It also includes an Internet Explorer process control with several useful extensions including local persistence, UI control extensions, and Web Services integration. The data model component allows JSP programmers to take advantage of XForms model constraints and validation without leaving their familiar programming environment and tools.”

directory of RSS Aggregators

Ten Security Checks for PHP Ten Security Checks for PHP
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“the fatal flaw of web services”

Mark Baker: Why bad design always trumps hype; the fatal flaw of Web services [April 02, 2003]
“First, bad design cannot be masked. And second, that Web services’ lack of use of a coordination language is an example of bad design.”


XML, SOAP, and Binary Data

IBM delivers SOAP for CICS


“The technology will be available by the end of this month free of charge on IBM’s alphaWorks web site and provides Soap enablement of existing CICS Cobol applications, permitting them to be invoked through Soap requests over either HTTP or WebSphere MQ messages and then integrated both inside and outside of the enterprise.”

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