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Freshmen Picking Roommates

NY Times: First Test for Freshmen: Picking Roommates:

This summer, for the first time, Emory let freshmen pick their own roommates in an online roommate-selection system that works on the same principles as computer dating.

Loyola University Chicago criticized for complying with a subpoena without a fight

The Register:
Northwestern University law professor Anthony D’Amato has issued a strong caution to universities, calling on them to consider students’ privacy before shipping them off to the RIAA sponsored legal gulag.

Dissertation Could Be Security Threat

Dissertation Could Be Security Threat (
«this George Mason University graduate student has mapped every business and industrial sector in the American economy, layering on top the fiber-optic network that connects them»

Stanford’s Wireless Authentication

Network Computing (June 26, 2003):
Authentication Gets Into Stanford

Even Harvard’s Dean Misreads the DMCA

Legal Tags: Wendy Seltzer’s Weblog: Even Harvard’s Dean Misreads the DMCA:
‘A “repeat infringer” is not someone who has merely been accused of wrongdoing, but one who has been proven to have engaged in unlawful activity, twice.

The distinction is important because entertainment industry accusations are not proof of infringement; at times, they are downright laughable. Universal Studios recently sent a demand letter to the Internet Archive because some of the Archive’s public domain films had numerical filenames, apparently leading an automated ‘bot to mistake a promotional film of a seamstress-in-training for the submarine movie “U-571.” ’

PennNet 21

PennNet 21:
U Penn Networking & Telecom strategy documents

NYSERNet settles

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: Web firm settles U.S. grant case

Horatio: Authenticated Network Access

Hutson receives NYSTAR Faculty Development Grant

UB Reporter: Hutson receives NYSTAR Faculty Development Grant
“This NYSTAR Faculty Development grant was used to recruit a key investigator in biostastics/statistical genetics to support the infrastructure of the UB Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics.”

Pfizer’s Definition Of ‘Invention’ Pfizer’s Definition Of ‘Invention’:
‘Today Pfizer is celebrating because a patent covering a whole class of arthritis medicines was declared invalid. But the world’s largest drug company still insists that a similarly broad patent on impotence pills is valid. Any cynic would note one difference between the two patents: Pfizer owns the impotence patent, not the arthritis one. Still, it is worth taking a look at Pfizer’s definition of the word “invention.”’