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CVS for the developer or amateur

IBM DeveloperWorks:

CVS for the developer or amateur
: tutorial, can be read online (web) or offline (PDF).
About two hours in length.

Xmldiff 0.5

The Product Marketing Handbook for Software

I found a great resource for someone like me who knows how to design a software product and get it built, but doesn’t know the first thing about marketing it. Luckily I found Rick Chapman. We arranged for a quick book swap — I sent him a copy of UI for Programmers, and he sent me a copy of his book, The Product Marketing Handbook for Software. I read the whole book in one weekend. This book is fantastic. It’s the education you would receive if you captured a veteran of channel marketing and gave him a truth drug. Hours of nonstop, extremely useful info. What’s a SPIF? Do you need a UPC? How do you get into the channel? Should you bother? What kind of deals will you have to cut to get retailers to stock and promote your software? It’s a complete braindump covering just about everything you should know if you’re thinking of creating shrink-wrap software. Priceless.

There’s a web site that goes along with it called (I know, that’s a mouthful.) Check it out, it’s the Joel On Software of marketing.

[Joel on Software]

Critical thinking on web design


Critical thinking part 1: planning for design in web or software projects.
Good design requires planning. The stage must be set for designers to thrive and do their thing.

Critical thinking part 2: idea generation for teams of designers and engineers.
How do you manage ideas and bring them to fruition? This essay describes one approach to generating and manage the process.

Critical thinking part 3: project management.
It’s true that design specifications are difficult to write, and that good ideas are fleeting and rare, but until the design is in it’s final form, it’s far from finished. Much can happen between the moment the designer finishes the expression of the idea, and when the development team has finished building it.

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the future of XML

Steve Gillmor interviews Adam Bosworth on the future of XML. “If someone sends you a SOAP message and you want to know how to send them back a message, there’s no standard yet to say how to send them something back.” [Scripting News]

Sun recommends SOAP over RMI!

Sun’s Anne Thomas-Manes recommends that Java developers do use SOAP. There’s already a lot of interop. Get out from behind the wall of RMI and integrate with apps written in other languages and environments. And thanks for the pointer to our SOAP developers directory! Perfect example of romance. Links are the flowers of developer relations on the Web. Right on. [Scripting News]

Do Java programmers really need SOAP?

Even the best software won’t work without organisational changes

Deploying your web app on Tomcat

not a fan of CMM

Mark Newman: “As you can see, I’m not a fan of CMM. I view it primarily as a means for high-priced consultants to hold seminars and sell books, not as a process to improve software.”

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